On a hot day an eagle is very thirsty and wanted a drink. The river is very remote and very tiring when flying down there to drink. He did not see the pools of water everywhere. He flew round and round. Finally he saw a pitcher out of the house. Eagle flew down into the jug. There was little water in the bottom of pitcher. Eagle put its head into the pitcher, but he did not reach the water. He climbed to the top pitcher. He put his head into the pitcher again, but their beaks can not reach the water.

Then he looked reasonable.
Eagles were flying high and then down toward the pitcher to break it with his beak but the pitcher was very strong. He can not break it. Eagles came out flying toward the pitcher and then he rammed his wings. He tried to solve it, so the juices will come out over the floor. But the pitcher was very strong. Eagle was very tired having to fly further. He thought he would die of thirst.

Eagle sat in the nest. He constantly thinks He does not want to die of thirst. He saw a lot of small stones on the ground. He got the idea. He took the stone and put it into a jug. He continued to enter and enter. The water was rising higher every time the stone fell into the pitcher. Jug was almost full with stones. The water had risen up to the surface. Insert clever eagle beak and he got the water. Adage says that “If there’s a will there’s a way. “Rajawali has proved it.

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